Dame Judi Dench hits back at theatre critic

Tuesday May 5, 2009

One of England's most respected actresses Dame Judi Dench has come out fighting after recently receiving a less than favourable review from theatre critic Charles Spencer.
Judi, who is currently starring as Madame de Montreuil in a West End production of Madame De Sade, was described as "sour and cross" by the Telegraph reviewer who went on to label the play itself "deeply dodgy" and "fit only for pretentious masochists."
In response the 74-year-old actress responded with a strongly worded letter that read: "I've always rather admired you but now I realise you're an absolute s**t." And making reference to a stage accident which made Judi miss a few performances, she added: "I'm only sorry I didn't get a chance to kick you when I fell over – maybe next time…"
Far from being upset by the communication, Charles Spencer has said Judi's reaction has only made him admire her more. "We critics are constantly dishing it out and we ought to be able to take it too," he said

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  • Dame Judi Dench hits back at theatre critic

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