Chilean president challenges miners to football match

Friday October 15, 2010

Life has certainly brightened up for the 33 Chilean miners back on the surface after over two months stuck underground.

Three of them are already on their way home having been released from hospital.

And with scences of jubilation extending from north to south, President Sebastian Piñera, who has been close by since the rescue began, couldn’t help but engage the group in a bit of light-hearted banter.

Mr Piñera has challenged 'los 33' to a football match against himself and ten members of his cabinet.

"The team that wins will stay in La Moneda (the presidential palace). The team that loses goes back to the mine," joked the president.

Meanwhile, the Chilean government is taking the miners’ health and well-being very seriously.

They have promised to care for the men for a minimum of six months to make sure they are able to readjust.

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  • Chilean president challenges miners to football match

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