Sam Cameron: 'Our girl wants to be a pop star'

Wednesday March 30, 2011

David Cameron's fondness for the X Factor – the show that he said kept him "glued to his seat" - was well documented.

And it looks like the show made even more of an impression on his daughter (pictured in 2007).

Like the acts on the show, Nancy, now seven, has ambitions to be a singer, says her mother Samantha Cameron.

And she also revealed that her five year-old son Elwen has no intention of following in his dad's footsteps.

Samantha said: "Anyone who's ever held a baby will know what it's like to look at their face and wonder who they're going to be and what they're going to do."

"And before long they’ve definitely got their own opinions.

"My elder daughter Nancy has said very firmly that she wants to be a popstar.

"And Elwen is just certain that he doesn’t want to be a 'politicianer' - as he calls it - like his father."

The Prime Minister's wife made the revelations as she launched an initiative for Save the Children at No 10.

'No Child Born to Die' aims to stop children dying of preventable diseases.

Photo: © Getty Images

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