Tactile dad Guy goes back to his childhood as he takes sons to see family favourite


Joined by some friends for an evening of theatrical entertainment, Guy and his two sons, Rocco and David, stepped out together for a production of Peter Pan in London's Kensington Gardens on Thursday
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David (pictured) and his big brother were both treated to a bag of sweets as they hung out with the director dad, who happily hoisted his youngest up onto his shoulders. Both boys flew into Britain with mum Madonna last week to meet their new sister, Mercy
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26 JUNE 2009

Guy Ritchie is making the most of having his boys back in London. While their mother Madonna bonds with new daughter Mercy, the couple's two sons have been hanging out with their dad who has been treating them to activities out and about in the city.

On Thursday evening fun dad Guy, eight-year-old Rocco – who bears a strong resemblance to his director dad - and David, three, made the most of a warm summer evening by attending a theatre production in Kensington Gardens.

The trio were joined by friends to watch family favourite Peter Pan, transported to Neverland inside the specially commissioned state-of-the-art Theatre Pavillion, which Charles and Camilla opened last week.

Being taken back to his childhood, and spending time with his own children, evidently put the 40-year-old in a playful mood. Swinging his youngest up onto his shoulders as they walked to and from the venue, Guy cheekily pinched sweets from David and Rocco, who were more than happy to let their dad dip his hand into their pick'n'mix.

Meanwhile his New York-based ex-wife has been working hard to integrate four-year-old Mercy into the family since her arrival in Britain. The 50-year-old pop star – whose new boyfriend Jesus Luz has been spotted cycling near her £15 million Mayfair home – is said to be determined not to "smother" the little Malawian girl with attention.

"Madonna has been waiting for this moment for years, but realises that she shouldn't over-stimulate Mercy by immediately smothering her with attention and things to do. After all, she has been in this before when she brought David home from Malawi so she understands how confusing it must be," a source has said.