New Timelord Matt Smith and his glam assistant take Dr Who mania to the US


The sci-fi duo were in New York ahead of the show's April 17 US launch
 Photo: © Getty Images


Meanwhile, there was a sneak preview of what's in store for the Doctor next - taking on his arch enemy the Daleks
Photo: © BBC 

14 APRIL 2010

An impressive eight million viewers checked out Matt Smith in the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who.

And the new Timelord and his glamorous assistant Karen Gillan are no doubt hoping their sci-fi series fares even better when it's launched in the states on April 17.

The two British stars were in New York this week on the promotional trail for the hit show.

While Matt was in casual mode in black jeans, scuffed boots and a washed out denim jacket, Scottish actress Karen was on chic form.

There were no sign of her character Amy Pond's controversial short skirts – instead she impressed in a black jumpsuit and wedge platforms.

As the twosome got to work answering questions about their programme, there was a taster of what's forthcoming in episode three for UK fans.

Producers of the show released screen shots of the new chapter, Victory of the Daleks.

In it Amy and the Doctor are called to the Cabinet War Rooms by former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, only to find their arch enemy the Daleks waiting for them.