Orlando and Miranda: How love 'bloomed' between the pirate and his Angel


He is the star of the megabucks Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings franchises. She is one of the million-dollar faces and bodies of Victoria's Secret.

Together they are a source of endless fascination for fans and, if they wanted, media opportunities.

But British talent Orlando Bloom and soulmate Miranda have been wary of parading their love in public, preferring to quietly focus on their common passions such as sustainable living and Buddhism 


When the first photo emerged confirming the romance the photogenic pair had been dating for about a year.

Snapped at the Sydney races in April 2008, Miranda, from a small town in New South Wales, couldn't have looked happier after introducing her beau to her parents John and Therese.

The leggy Austalian beauty's broad smile suggested the meeting had been an unqualified success. 


Later the model admitted to HELLO! that her single-minded suitor had pestered her agent into giving him her number since she wouldn't.

"At the time I was seeing some one else," she explained.

Their initial friendship flourished into something more, with the couple taking advantage of their relative anonymity in New York, where she's based, to develop their romance 


Flying Down Under to spend Valentine's Day 2009 with his girl, Orlando heard about the bush fires ravaging the country.

His romantic plans immediately took a back seat to helping raise money through a televised appeal.

"I came out here to have fun… but this is far more important to both of us". 


Breaking their unofficial ban on appearing in public together again they attended another event supporting the environment later that year.

Miranda - who once declared her dream was "to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch" - and Orlando were guests at a promotional event for clean diesel technology 


Later that year there was a surprise when for the first time in their courtship, the dazzling duo chose to appear side by side at a glittering hotel opening in Marrakesh 

23 JULY 2010

Following their secret marriage, we chart the romance between one of the classiest and most down-to-earth pairs in the public eye