Halloween queen Heidi Klum looks dead scary in sinewy skin suit

by hellomagazine.com

Move over Elle Macpherson. From now on, Heidi Klum will be known as 'The Body'.

The model had out done herself with her Halloween costume this year, rocking a sinewy skin and muscle look reminiscent of the famous Bodyworlds exhibition a few years ago.

Looking drop dead gorgeous, she was wheel into her bash on an autopsy table by 'doctors', wearing blood-smattered scrubs.




After ‘rising’ from her death bed, Heidi posed for photographers with a poker straight face.

Rigor mortis didn’t get a look in, though, as she turned and twirled around so everyone could see the detail and artistry that went into her costume.

The incredible outfit is just a latest in a long line of Halloween looks that Heidi has flirted with over the years.

"It's kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off. It's basically like me naked", she said of this year’s choice.

Before the party, the fun-loving mum-of-four tweeted pictures of her transformation from glam to ghoulish.



She endured hours in the make-up chair as she was prepped and painted to within an inch of her life.

Last Thursday, the blonde was also pictured trying out looks for her party, and was snapped monkeying around with a gorilla suit.

In the end though, the Halloween queen decided to look inside herself for inspiration.

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