Fish and chips before the 'pub'? A look at London 2012's Olympic Village

On July 16, the Athletes Village in Stratford, East London will open for business. It will be a home-from-home for around 17,000 Olympic athletes, 6,000 paralympians and officials from 203 nations during London 2012.

And it has a uniquely British feel to it – from the 'pub' to the food on offer.

Covering 36 hectares, the Village features living quarters that have been designed with simplicity and comfort in mind.

Bare white walls and laminate flooring are brightened by splashes of colour – from blue curtains and brightly coloured sofas to sports-themed bed spreads.

Competitors will dine in a huge 225 x 80m tent – which is large enough to accommodate 880 double-decker buses.

It will be open 24 hours a day and can seat 5,000 at a time. The menu includes traditional British fare such as fish and chips, as well as Asian and Halal food. There is even a McDonalds on site.

The social hub of the Village, however, will be a 'pub' called the Globe Centre offering ten pool tables, live music and karaoke – although there are only two drinks on offer: Powerade and Coca Cola.

An aerial view of the Athletes Village in Stratford, east London 

It includes 2,818 apartments in 11 separate accommodation blocks 

The Olympic Village will house around 17,000 athletes and officials during the Games, along with shops and leisure facilities 

Each apartment offers comfortable and functional furniture 

Officials had to order 16,000 beds, 21,000 pillows, 64,000 sets of sheets, 11,000 sofas, 9,000 closets, 5,000 toothbrushes and 170,000 bathroom wall hangers for the Village 

Inside one of the bathrooms that will be used by the athletes during London 2012 

The Olympic Park kitchen will be open 24 hours and will serve 65,000 meals on its busiest day. It's estimated the athletes will get through 25,000 loaves of bread, 232 tonnes of potatoes, 75,000 litres of milk and more than 330 tonnes of fruit and vegetables 

The Village's Globe Centre features pool tables, live music and a bar where competitors can relax 

After the Games, the Olympic Village will be converted into residential accommodation 

There are also large areas of open space for athletes to enjoy