HELLO! for iPad: Frequently Asked Questions

by hellomagazine.com


I have downloaded the latest version of the HELLO! for iPad app but now I can’t see any of my previous purchases?
Firstly, try to “Restore” your previous purchases. If this does not work, follow these steps:
1. Log out of your account on the Store on your iPad. (This step is very important.)
2. Delete the application.
3. Turn off your iPad and turn it back on again.
4. Download the application again.
5. Enter your username when requested.
6. If the issues you have previously bought don’t have the “View” button showing then go to “Restore” and restore purchases. You should now be able to see all your previously bought issues of HELLO!.

I have subscribed to the digital edition app of HELLO! for iPad. How do I start using it?
Enter the “Kiosk” in the app and choose the issue of HELLO! which you want to download. On selecting the issue, click “Buy” and the magazine will download to your app if the issue is within your subscription.

I can’t see my previous purchases.
In the event that you cannot find your previous purchases, (perhaps due to an app or software update, or other issue) you can click “Restore purchases” via the cog icon at the top right of the screen.

Where can I find the most recent issue that I have downloaded or the current issue available?
Once you have downloaded the latest issue, it will automatically appear on the Kiosk shelf of your app. Also, all numbers remain in the Library regardless of whether purchased or not.

Do digital editions expire?
No. Once you have bought an issue, it is yours forever. All issues remain in your HELLO! app Library.

Why is the issue not downloading?
We recommend using a stable wi-fi connection when downloading your digital editions. If the connection is interrupted, for whatever reason, it may be necessary to restart the download from the beginning. To get the best results when downloading, we recommend disabling the automatic locking function on your iPad while downloading a digital issue to avoid your iPad from entering sleep mode. If you have started a download and it falters or cancels for any reason, you can restart by clicking on the Library icon located on the navigation bar and then clicking on the download button for the issue required.

I downloaded the HELLO! for iPad app before 29th April 2013. How do I subscribe?
Accept the update of the app and follow the instructions.

What can I do if I want to buy back issues?
If you want to buy back issues of HELLO!, you can find them by click on the “Archive” tag or look for them via the “Search” tab. Once you have selected the issue you want, click “Buy”.


What do I have to do to subscribe to the digital edition of HELLO! for tablets?
Click on the “Subscribe” button and follow the instructions.

Which issues can I acquire with my subscription?
There are four types of subscription:
1. Monthly subscription £6.99 (one issue per week for one 1 month)
2. 3-month subscription: £20.99 (one issue per week for 3 months).
3. 6-month subscription: £39.99 (one issue per week for 6 months).
4. 1-year subscription: £74.99 (one issue per week for a year).

Please note that all subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the active subscription period.

How do I manage my subscription?
You can manage your subscriptions from your account at any time. Enter via iTunes with your account details, go to “View account”, go to “Settings” and in the “Subscriptions” section you can see your list of subscriptions. Click on “Edit” on the HELLO! subscription to see and manage your subscription.

How can I renew my subscription? When will I be charged for my renewed subscription?
The subscription will automatically renew unless it is deactivated at least 24 hours before the end of the contracted subscription. The renewed subscription will be charged 24 hours before the end of the current subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
No. You cannot cancel a subscription during the contracted period, you can only cancel at the end of the subscription period.

Can I buy issues that are not within the period of my subscription?
Yes. You can buy random issues on their own.

If I choose a subscription to the digital edition of HELLO!, will I get the same content as the print edition?
Yes. Not only will you see all the same content as the print edition, but you will also have access to additional exclusive content: videos, audio, photo galleries and the option to enlarge photos to full screen size.

Are previous issues included in my subscription?
No. You will only have access to the issues during the period of your subscription.


How much does the digital edition of HELLO! cost?
You can download the app for free. Each issue costs £1.99. If you want to download the latest issue, click on the tab “This week” and click the “Buy” button.

I have been charged multiple times for the same issue of HELLO! for iPad. What do I do?
Apple processes all charges, HELLO! do not directly deal with payments, so you will need to contact Apple’s iTunes Support directly: apple.com/uk/support/itunes/

What if I am still having problems and need help?
You can email us directly to helpdigital@hellomagazine.com and a member of our Support Team will be able to deal with your enquiry.

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