Marissa Hermer celebrates baby daughter Sadie's first birthday

by hellomagazine.com

Marissa Hermer has celebrated her baby daughter Sadie's first birthday in style! The Ladies of London star threw a party for her baby girl, and opened up about motherhood in an exclusive interview with HELLO! magazine.

"When I was pregnant this time last year, there was a strong chance that neither Sadie nor I would survive," she told HELLO!. "In my darkest moments I could never have imagined we'd end up happy, healthy and living here in sunny LA. For this I feel incredibly grateful. Every time I look at Sadie, I well up."


The mum-of-three, who also shares two boys – Max, five, and Jake, two – with her restaurateur husband Matt, continued: "She’s my third and last child and, whenever I hold her, I can’t stop kissing her. I want to savour every second, soak up every moment.

"After everything we’ve been through as a family, she’s the light at the end of our tunnel; our little miracle."

The 35-year-old had a difficult pregnancy with Sadie after being diagnosed with placenta accreta, a dangerous condition which can lead to a haemorrhage. Sadie was delivered by Caesarean at 34 weeks and Marissa had a hysterectomy, and spoke about seeing her baby for the first time.


“The moment I saw her, everything fell into place,” she recalls. “I felt as if I’d been through a battlefield but having Sadie at the end of the emotional and physical rollercoaster made it all worthwhile."

Marissa also opened up about her struggle with post-natal depression, and how Matt helped her through the dark time. "It didn’t take long for Matt to realise what was happening," she said. "He picked me off the floor and put my pieces back together. He nurtured me so I could flourish again, booking me in for massages and facials and encouraging me to go for runs. "

Read the full interview in HELLO! magazine, out now

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