<b>Ariana's <i>dangerous</i> -er doppelgänger woman</b>

Jacky Vasquez is a dead ringer for the <i>Into You</i> singer. Ariana Grande's look-alike has over 200 thousand followers on Instagram. During an interview with the site sweetyhigh.com, Jacky admitted, "I've always been an Ariana fan! Ever since <i>Victorious</i> until now. I love her vocals, her style, her personality and just everything." The Instagram star, who has yet to meet Ariana, has also nailed one of her idol's trademark styles. She shared, "Achieving her signature ponytail is what makes me resemble Ariana the most. Also her makeup and poses—but the hairstyle is the most important factor."

Photos: Instagram/@arianagrande, Instagram/@jackyvasquez

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