T.J. Miller admits he got lost in Ryan Reynolds' eyes while filming 'Deadpool'

Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' co-star, T.J. Miller dished to HELLO! about working with Blake Lively's husband.

Move over Taylor Swift, Jacob Tremblay is on his way to forming the ultimate celebrity squad. Since entering the spotlight with his breakout role in the Oscar-nominated film ‘Room,’ this 9-year-old Critics' Choice-winning actor has been hobnobbing with some of Hollywood's biggest names. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Jennifer Lawrence, there’s not one celebrity susceptible to Jacob’s adorable looks. If there’s one kid in Tinseltown we want to be friends with, it’s this one. Click through to see Jacob’s star encounters.

Jacob Tremblay and his A-list celebrity encounters

Jacob Tremblay might only be 9-years-old, but he's already hobnobbing with some of Hollywood's elite. Click through to see the 'Room' actor's star encounters.

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Ever the funny guy, Jason Sudeikis took pictures along with the photographers of Olivia Wilde. The couple have a son named Otis together.
Photo: Getty Images

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