Demi and Ashton: An age defying romance


Demi and Ashton: An age defying romance

Where to take a world-famous movie actress on a first date? If you're down-to-earth Ashton – a fast food restaurant.

"I took her in my car," he recalls. "We were keeping things secret at the time so we couldn't really go out. So we did the In-N-Out [a US fast food chain] and there was this piece of land in Los Angeles that I really, really wanted and some guy owned it and he wouldn't sell it.

"I used to drive up there and sit on this land and hang out and wish that some day I could buy it. So I took her up to this land and we just ate our In-N-Out burger."

Not only did Ashton manage to buy the land eventually, but his no-fuss tactics worked. He and Demi were soon - officially - an item.