With her platinum blonde hair and scarlet lippy, Gwen Stefani embodies the full-on glamour we associate with stars of the silver screen's golden age. There is nothing old-fashioned about the chart-topping singer's personal style, though. Indeed the 36-year-old, who is currently making her mark as both a men and womenswear designer, has become synonymous with cutting-edge cool.

Frilly mini-skirts and ruffled retro-style corsets are typical of the cheeky, bad girl look she has made her own. And the mum-to-be also has a taste for hip urban apparel, so don't be surprised to see her in skin-tight jeans, track pants or even a brightly-coloured rasta hat. Small wonder that the pretty, London-based performer has managed to topple Kate Moss as Britain's best-dressed woman.


Gwen shows off some of her own eye-catching "Harajuku Lovers" designs


The Hollaback Girl shows how bold hair accessories can define a whole look, by teaming them with a simple white shift for the Billboard Awards

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