When Helena Bonham Carter steps out for a showbiz party the press pack are rarely deprived of an unforgettable photo opportunity. The porcelain-skinned star is famous for her eclectic sartorial tastes, mixing and matching retro styles and hard-to-find vintage treasures as only she can.

Having made her name in movies like Corpse Bride, Sleepy Hollow and Frankenstein, it's small surprise the actress has earned a reputation as the new face of gothic glamour. Victorian-style ruffled blouses and voluminous lacy skirts are a staple for the mum-of-one, though she has also been known to opt for striking, one-of-a-kind gowns from time to time. Among her most memorable red carpet choices are the ribbon-trimmed, white-ruffle confection she wore to a 2005 Venice Film Festival premiere and the shantung jacket and hibiscus-bloom skirt she picked out for the premiere of The Importance Of Being Ernest.


Helena makes her mark by teaming a striking net-trimmed jacket and black skirt with hibiscus flower detailing for the Importance Of Being Earnest premiere


The actress showed off another facet of her personal style with this black and white gown, which she donned for the Venice screening of The Corpse Bride

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