Fare fit for a President

The lowdown on what America's new leader will be tucking into on inauguration day

He's not averse to fast food, but the incoming President and his family will be enjoying more formal fare on the day he's sworn into office 
The incoming President has chosen dishes which have associations with 19th century American leader Abraham Lincoln, of whom he is a big fan. Among them are duck with cherries, a dish echoing the game served at home when Lincoln was a boy 
After US president elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office next Tuesday and addresses the American people he'll head for the Capitol Building's Statuary Hall where he and 200 guests will tuck into an inauguration day feast.

While the meal has become a tradition, the menu on this occasion has special import. It's been chosen, at the incoming president's request, to reflect dishes associated with 19th century abolitionist leader Abraham Lincoln, of whom the new leader's a big fan.

It features a seafood stew made with celebrated Maine lobster and topped with puff pastry, which recalls President Lincoln's taste for sea food. This will be followed a duck and herb-roasted pheasant combination - accompanied by cherry chutney and sweet potato whipped with molasses - echoing the game served at family meals when Lincoln was a boy in Indiana.

Dessert is an all-American favourite, a cinnamon apple sponge cake with a sweet cream glace. The recipes have been released on the internet, so click here if you fancy a taste of presidential dining.