Ten top ways to get the kids eating more carrots

by hellomagazine.com
  • Fill jacket potatoes or sandwiches with a mixture of grated carrot and Red Leicester cheese.
  • Serve carrot sticks with favourite dips such as houmous or cheese and onion.
  • Roast carrots with other root vegetables like potatoes, parsnips and swede.
  • Add grated carrots to salad and toss with all the other ingredients.
  • Grate carrots and add to stews, casseroles, pasta sauces and curries – they’ll disintegrate into the sauce so you can’t see them.
  • If coleslaw is a hit, add extra grated carrot to your regular brand before serving.
  • Add extra cooked carrots to canned or cartons of soup, then liquidise before serving.
  • Mix mashed carrots with mashed potato, then use to top cottage pie or fish pie.
  • Sweat diced carrot with onion when you make a tomato sauce for pasta
  • Get the kids involved in making carrot cake – a delicious treat
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