Heston Blumenthal on a mission to revolutionise hospital food

Michelin-starred chef heads up government-backed project to raise standards of NHS meals

by hellomagazine.com First Jamie Oliver set on a mission to revolutionise school dinners, now celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal wants to do the same with hospital food. The celebrity chef is a year into a government-funded project with the NHS and Reading University to revamp hospital menus, especially for the elderly.

"Mealtimes should be something to be celebrated in hospital. They should be something to look forward to - and they're not," said the 43-year-old culinary whiz this week.

"Older people in hospital often have to get a lot of their nutrients and energy through drinks, the flavour of which is not at all nice. The project is exploring ways to rejuvenate the dining environment in hospital and improve the flavour in the mouth."

Heston, proprietor of the triple Michelin-starred The Fat Duck in Berkshire, follows up the efforts of TV presenter Lloyd Grossman, who was hired in 2000 to head a team of chefs trying to revolutionise hospital food.

Heston, known for his bizarre creations such as snail porridge and bacon and egg ice cream, recently he successfully revamped the menu of Little Chef chain and sent profits through the roof as part of his TV show.

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