Casserole cooking

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18 JANUARY 2010

Cast iron casseroles are a kitchen essential – they are ideal for soups, stews, bakes, stocks, poaching – the list is endless; you can even cook bread in them. Every kitchen should have at least one and the new range from Raymond Blanc is a great example of the art.

The French master-chef has teamed up with Lakeland to create stylish lidded casserole dishes made to a professional standard.

Similar in styling to Le Creuset but with their own individual look, these stand up comfortably in testing to the industry standard. The dishes were perfect for a tagine and also a potato dauphinoise – the heavy cast iron retaining a lot of heat and evenly distributing it.

Due to their tough nature they are great both for high-heat searing and slow cooking and stewing and are suitable for all hob types including induction. They are also ideal for taking from oven to table to serve directly from.

The best thing about the casserole dishes is the price – a very reasonable £59.99.

Lidded casserole dishes available from Lakeland, £59.99