Great British Bake Off: meet the finalists


Great British Bake Off: meet the finalists

Ruby Tandoh

Age: 21
Profession: Student at University College London
Number of times winning Star Baker: 3

Favoured to win in the competition, Ruby didn't grow up in a baking household and only started baking two years ago. The highlight of her GBBO journey so far has been impressing the judges with her white chocolate and orange peacock bread during the notoriously difficult Bread Week, when she won Star Baker — and again with her apricot couronne in the technical challenge.

Ruby's most difficult moment on the show was in the first week when her custard curdled and she thought she was going home, but the baking hopeful has shown determination and a strong sense of humour throughout.

"Studying Wittgenstein is nothing compared to this. I won't be defeated by a sodding French biscuit," said Ruby during the tuiles challenge.

The former model was recently involved in a Twitter feud with Raymond Blanc, after the master chef hinted Ruby had won and was too thin to appreciate cooking and baking.

"@The Great British Bake Off. Not much skills, female tears and a winner so thin who makes me doubt of her love for great cooking, baking."

During the show, the history of art and philosophy student had to study for her first year exams, so she would stay up late to practice baking. In her spare time Ruby likes to blog and dreams of becoming a food writer. Photo: © BBC