New Time Lord Matt Smith gets to work on 'Dr Who' in bow tie and tweeds


There was a chance for sci-fi fans to get their first look at the 11th Time Lord this week as Matt Smith began work on the new series of Dr Who in Wales
 Photo: © Rex


He was joined on set by Scottish actress Karen Gillan, who plays his assistant Amy Pond
 Photo: © Rex

21 JULY 2009

It was the day Matt Smith had been waiting for - the chance to step into the Tardis for the first time as the 11th Time Lord in Dr Who. The 26-year-old actor got to work filming his first scenes for the popular sci-fi show this week in Cardiff, looking preppy in a tweed jacket and bow tie.

The new Doctor's look seems to have borrowed elements from his predecessors. The red braces he is wearing under his jacket are just like the ones the second Time Lord, Patrick Troughton wore and Matt's natty bow tie has been seen before on third Doctor Jon Pertwee. 

Arriving in Wales to start work, Matt was enthusiastic about his appointment. "The scripts are brilliant... I'm excited about the future and all the brilliant adventures I get to go on as the Doctor," said the Northampton-born star.

Joining Matt on set at Dunraven Bay near Bridgend was Scottish actress and part-time model Karen Gillan, who plays his assistant Amy Pond.

Producers are keeping character and storyline details under wraps for now, so fans will have to wait until the 13-episode series hits screens in spring 2010. Until then there are three Doctor Who specials with David Tennant in the lead role to look forward to later this year.