A trick to keep romance alive? Newlywed Claire Danes buys beautiful roses


The actress – who became Mrs Hugh Dancy a few weeks ago – seemed to be doing her best to hold on to the romantic mood after their nuptials in France
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Claire was showing off a ring on her wedding finger, but there's been no word as to whether it was one exchanged during her September wedding to Hugh Dancy
 Photo: © PA

08 OCTOBER 2009

After the heady excitement of a fairytale wedding ceremony, a newlywed might find everyday life a bit flat.

Luckily, Claire Danes – who became Mrs Hugh Dancy a few weeks ago during an intimate ceremony in France – seemed to have found her own recipe to hold on to the romantic mood.

The Romeo + Juliet actress was spotted with a bunch of roses in hand, presumably meant as decoration for the home she shares with the British actor.

Known for their preference to keep their private lives under wraps, the pair – who've been together for two years – haven't yet commented on the nuptials.

So there's no word on whether the silver ring the 30-year-old actress was wearing on her ring finger was a wedding ring or simply a love token.

Claire and 34-year-old Hugh announced their engagement in February.

The attractive blonde had previously expressed her joy at finding "the one".

She said: "While relationships are work, this just didn’t feel like it. It’s the kind of work that feels energizing rather than enervating".