Romance lies ahead in Downton Abbey season four

After all the death and suffering of series three, the ladies of Downton Abbey just want to have fun and the Roaring Twenties provides the perfect backdrop. 

Lady Rose, the flirtatious great-niece of the Dowager Countess, is continuing the tradition of Upstairs-Downstairs romances by a dalliance with a lowly gardener. 

Meanwhile, the once dowdy Lady Edith Crawley will cause some scandal of her own by embarking on a romance with her married boss.

Rebellious aristocrat Lady Rose has a secret rendezvous with her lover. 

She meets him when she dresses up as a maid to gain access to a servants' party. 

She's headed for trouble if the Dowager Countess finds out - but she seems not to care. 

Bates and Anna are making up for lost time. 

Lady Edith, meanwhile, is living a fantastically glamorous life in London as a newspaper columnist. 

This leads her to receive the attentions of her married newspaper boss Michael Gregson.

She meets him in St Pancras Station - a scene for which 200 extras were required. 


After World War I, the ladies of Downton are beginning to enjoy more deliberation, says actress Laura Carmichael.

"I'm enjoying letting my sexual side come out a little bit this series. It's really fun and I feel like it's a natural progression of this story," she adds. 

"There's definitely the feeling in this series that life is short. So yes, let's meet my married boyfriend in the Criterion (restaurant), who cares who sees us?"