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Vote: who performed best in week six of the X Factor live shows?

17 NOVEMBER 2013

The remaining seven X Factor acts took to the stage on Saturday night to perform on the show's "Great British Songbook" night.



Hot-favourite Sam Bailey stole the show once again with her rendition of The Beatles' Something, gaining praise from the judging panel.

"Everybody's talking about you," said judge Gary Barlow. "Of course you're going to sell records – just because you're a woman over 30 doesn't mean you're not going to sell records."

"Ssssh," replied the mother-of-two, joking about her age.

Sam is predicated to be this year's winner, with recent reports emerging that the 36-year-old prison officer takes 35 per cent of viewers' votes each week.

According to The Sun, the most popular contestants based on viewers' votes so far, after Sam, goes – Nicholas MacDonald, Sam Callaham, Rough Copy, Luke Friend, Tamera Foster then Hannah Barrett.

The bottom two acts will be revealed on Sunday night's show.


Who performed the best?

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  • Hannah Barrett 0.00%
  • Luke Friend 0.00%
  • Sam Callahan 0.00%
  • Nicholas McDonald 0.00%
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