Oscar nominations 2014: The many faces of record-breaking Meryl Streep

by hellomagazine.com This week Meryl Streep set a new Academy record as she received her 18th Oscar nomination as best actress for August: Osage County.

In the film Meryl plays Violet Weston, the 65-year-old Weston family matriarch who is suffering from mouth cancer.

Violet is addicted to several prescription drugs which cause her to rant and reveal the family's deepest secrets. As a result, her relatives begin to pull together to help her get clean.

meryl streep

The nomination is an honour befitting a woman of Meryl’s stature. No one inhabits a character as completely as the triple Oscar winner, who is now the most nominated movie star in Academy history.

From a ruthless magazine editor in The Devil Wears Prada and a mother wrongly accused of murdering her baby in Cry in the Dark, to the ditzy hotel owner in Mamma Mia! no transformation is too much for the 64-year-old.

Meryl previously hinted about how she works her magic in an interview with the Telegraph.

"I feel defensive about every character I play and I defend them as if they’re my own," explained the actress. "Because for the time I embody them, they feel like me."

It's an approach co-star Emily Blunt has seen in action.

"When we were doing The Devil Wears Prada she definitely adopted a certain cool on set, sort of remained very much in this reserved territory," she said.

"And then when my husband John (Krasinski) worked with her, she was playing a very vivacious, gregarious character, so she was just a ball of fun."

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