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Vote for the best Sherlock

22 JANUARY 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he and his fellow Sherlock actors share notes about the famous character they play.

The talented Brit was seen deep in conversation at a recent party with Robert Downey Jr, who has appeared in three films based on Conan Doyle's detective. Benedict also says he "adores" Jonny Lee Miller, star of US series Elementary.


Emphasising there's no rivalry, he tells the Independent: "We're all fans of one another. We're all supportive of it. And I can safely say that Robert's in the same camp now, after last night. We had a wonderful chat."

Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Downey Jr, Benedict Cumberbatch

The key elements of the original role are all there in their respective versions - the mad dress sense, the addictive personality and crucially a sidekick named Watson. Otherwise their takes on the brilliant sleuth differ considerably.

Benedict's Sherlock is reserved and cerebral, while Robert, who is directed on the big screen by Guy Ritchie, is an an all-action 007 for the Victorian ages.

In Jonny's programme the Englishman is exiled to New York because of his substance abuse issues. His Watson turns out to be Lucy Liu, playing a sober companion whose job it is to monitor his recovery. 

It's not just the American and the Brits that are crazy about Sherlock. Apparently the Chinese names for Benedict and his Watson, Martin Freeman, are among the most searched terms in the country's social media.


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