Top buns and bare-faced beauty hit New York runways

The Big Apple has brought freshness and fun to the catwalk with its Spring/Summer 2013 collections.

And not just in the world of fashion. A far cry from the deep set smokey eyes and berry lips of this winter, New York's preview has left us yearning for some subtle, spring hairstyle and make-up ideas.

From playful, bold colours to bouncy braids and top buns, discover the most sought-after beauty trends that will take you back to the simplicity of your youth.

Slicked Back
Think modern Twiggy. Side-parted, slicked back hair with a simple base, a flick of eyeliner and highlighted cheeks will take you from day to night this season 

Be fun and playful with any type of braid. From two plaits resonant of childhood, to a simple French weave, this style can be adapted to any occasion 

Accentuate your eyes with colour this season. Steer clear from safe hues and go bold with reds, whites and greens, and have fun with the shape, either framing the eye or creating a tale effect of colour 

Au Natural
Keep things simple by replacing heavy evening make-up with glowing primers and BB creams for the most natural looking skin that will leave others envious. Together with smooth, slicked-back sides, this is the max in minimalism 

Give the reds a rest and experiment with some new lip colours. Fuschia, rose gloss and bullets of coral will become your new staple 

High Buns
Add inches to a small stature with this hair style. You can make this look as sophisticated or edgy as you want. Dress up with a pulled back chignon or keep it casual by bundling hair together and fix in place with pins. With your face clear of hair you can have fun with make-up, brightening up the eyes of lips with a brush of colour 

Keep that just-out-of bed-look and exaggerate with crimps through the hair and just a hint of blush for a youthful but rebellious look 

Exagerrated Frames
Remember those specs you used to be teased for at school? Well dig them out. The librarian look is back in and the bigger the frames, the better 


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