Backstage beauty at Paris Fashion Week

Demure but daring, yet again Paris Fashion Week surpasses previous years by delivering classic, polished looks combined with innovative products for a modern edge.

We saw make-up artists swapping contouring bronzer for heavily rouged cheeks and dramatic ebony eyes set against light dewy skin.

And from soft, twisted plaits to slicked back straight manes, the hairstyles of this season are the essence of simple French sophistication.

Amidst the madness of backstage commotion take a look at how the stylists managed to create Parisian perfection…

Vibrant coral cheeks are a must this season and perfect for creating contoured, chiselled cheekbones 

Going for gold at the AF Vandevorst Spring/Summer 2013 show, a model is covered from head-to-foot in metallic paint contrasting against the monochrome pieces of the designer 

Nail brand Essie provides a variety of nude shades to paint the models' nails backstage at the Maison Rabih Kayrouz Spring/Summer 2013 show 

You can feel the anticipation in the air as make-up artists, hair stylists and models scatter around the hustle and bustle of working backstage 

The classic smokey eye goes even darker this year. To create the look, take tips from the backstage team and wet your eyeshadow brush before dipping it into the darkest of pigments for real depth and shadow 

A model takes some time to relax and tries a delicious croissant from Paris' legendary patisseries 

Pretty in plaits, this model is being given a girly look at Impasse De La Defense with just a line of shimmering shadow underneath the eye 

Russian model, Anna Selezneva is being prepped and preened in a hurry behind the scenes for the Barbara Bui Spring/Summer 2013 show. Sporting slicked-back golden locks, her look is finished off with a glossy rouge lip and natural-looking make-up 

The bold colours of Luis Buchinho's dresses are set off perfectly by the subtle make-up that gives a natural glow to these radiant models 

Posing for a beauty shot, a model tests how light falls against her make-up before heading under the spotlights on the catwalk 

Ready to hit the runway, models line up at the Barbara Bui Spring/Summer 2013 show