How to join the Braidy Bunch like Scarlett and Kirsten


How to join the Braidy Bunch like Scarlett and Kirsten

— Start by applying a serum through the mid lengths and ends of hair to give hair a healthy looking shine

— This style incorporates three separate plaits which eventually intertwine to create one continuous braid, so section the hair into three sections; one which rolls along the front half of the head, one which rolls along the back half of the head, and one which falls through the crown

— Take the middle section of hair, and begin to French plait it along the crown of the head on a diagonal angle, until you reach the ear. Temporarily secure it in place with a hair band

— Now, begin to French plait the bottom section of hair, staying close to the hairline. Use kirby grips and hair pins as you plait to keep the hair in place. When you get to your ear, remove the hair band from the central plait and incorporate the excess hair and the untouched front section of hair, and carry on braiding round, past the forehead, until you get to the start of the back plait. Spritz with hairspray to keep the hair in place

— Tuck the excess hair under the back plait and secure in place with plenty of hair pins and kirby grips

— Take a tail comb and pull out small sections of hair from the outer braid to create a soft, romantic and slightly dishevelled look

— Finish with a spritz of hairspray and you’re ready to go.