Five haircuts and style tips for a new you


Five haircuts and style tips for a new you


'Big, bouncy and beautiful. This curly stunner has been enhanced with a natural red glossing, this visually expands the curls and adds tremendous shine to every perfect curl. The warmth of the hair is transported to the skin giving the model a youthful glow.

Curly hair loves moisture! So to achieve this look at home on naturally curly hair feed your hair with moisture. Start with the shampoo and conditioner, the better quality product you use the better the result, with this hair type we would use a conditioning mask every time. Curly hair does not like to be disturbed too much so squeeze hair dry, do not rub with a towel, if you need to comb the hair use a wide tooth comb not a brush. Add a generous amount of a smoothing curl cream, squeeze in to the hair and allow to dry naturally. My favourite curl product is Oleo curl cream from Kérstase.'

Tina Farey, Artistic Team Member, Rush Hair