How the stars stay in shape: singer Natasha Hamilton

How the stars stay in shape: singer Natasha Hamilton

by "I think diets are boring and getting into a general pattern of healthy eating is worth it if it means I can avoid them. I eat little and often – four small meals a day. By the time I start thinking about food, the next meal's due. Eating sensibly regularly also means you stop experiencing those crashes in mood as your blood sugar drops. Ryvita Muesli Crunch helps satisfy a sweet tooth – it contains raisins and honey. If your weakness is crisps, carry Snack-A-Jacks snack bags with you for when temptation bites – they contain roughly about a fifth of the fat and cals of some regular crisps and are surprisingly filling. If you're not a natural gym bunny, take up dancing as a much more fun form of exercise."

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