From dull to dazzling: Getting a whiter, brighter smile


As demonstrated by the host of Hollywood stars who graced the Oscars with teeth as dazzling as their dripping diamonds, a set of pearly whites is an A-list accessory.

Despite an arsenal of whitening toothpastes and generic home kits, if you want to invest in a brighter, whiter smile, a trip to the dentist will provide the best results.

And we highly recommend the London Smile Clinic, one of the capital’s leading clinics boasting an award-winning team. 


Hello! Online was lucky enough to get to try out their home whitening kit, which was easy and hassle-free and made extremely comfortable by the professional and friendly team.

After a quick consultation at the beautiful clinic, custom trays are made from moulds of your teeth which you are to wear for half an hour every night for 10-14 days.

Plus, you are given plenty more gel for maintenance purposes.

We were totally delighted with the final result - a set of pearly whites to rival Angelina!


Home whitening treatment - £425, BriteSmile Laser Whitening - £795

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