Reboot your metabolism


It's often difficult to shift those extra few pounds we want to lose before the start of summer.

And this could be down to your metabolism and how well it's working.

In order to reboot your metabolism and get it in tiptop working condition, Hypoxi have created a metabolic analyser that assesses the metabolism.


The technology calculates how high your consumption of calories is, how well your body uses its fat reserves, how many calories a day you actually need – not what a diet tells you.

Detailed tips and advice on diet, nutrition and even recipes are then provided to help you kickstart and ultimately improve your metabolism.

HELLO! Online tested the technology in the Hypoxi studio in Knightsbridge. After discovering far fewer calories were needed than were being consumed to lose weight, we were able to properly tailor our diet accordingly.

The session costs £99, for more information visit

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