Pulse-popping pecs in your pocket!

Gloss does so much more than plump your lips

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Urban Decay have released the Pocket Rocket lipgloss which puts the fun into looking fab 
Madonna may have a hot toyboy by her side in the shape of Jesus Luz, but you can have a hot boy toy in your pocket with a new lipgloss that brings back the fun to looking fabulous.

Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket, £10.50, is flat shaped to fit into your back pocket and won't burst if you sit on it.

The writing on the packaging uses pheromone-laced ink, too, which although undetectable, apparently enhances sexual attraction.

Best of all, though, in the lid of each of the eight shades is a different, rather attractive looking man – flick the lid and his clothes slowly slide off.

Who needs Jesus when you've got already got a rocket in your pocket?

From selected Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser, hqhair.com, asos.com, beautyexpert.co.uk and lookfantastic.com.