Michelle Obama knows how to glow

First Lady works the simplest beauty tricks for the cameras

by hellomagazine.com We're all wrapped up in an Obama drama, with Britain seemingly hypnotised by the relaxed glamour of the American president and his wife as they sweep into town for the G20 summit.

And while the president gets down to serious business with the Prime Minister, style fans are watching the 'new Jackie O' to revel in how well she presents to the world's cameras.

As to be expected, Michelle Obama's make-up is flawless, on top of perfect skin – powder an absolute essential to absorb any oiliness that reflects unflatteringly under flashlights.

But at the same time she's used the power of light to draw attention to her skin in the right areas, with highlighter on the cheeks to give her a healthy glow and also, most noticeably, under the arch of perfectly groomed brows which give her face a real lift.

Working together with a light-coloured top that bounces light onto the face, the effect is certainly eye-catching.

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