The eyes have it in LFW’s beauty bonanza

by Well it looks like eyeliner is still a girl’s most fashion forward friend; underlining eyes were the most prominent feature when Paul Costelloe kicked off London Fashion Week on Friday.

Make-up artist Attracta Courtney went for ‘a feminine look with a futuristic edge’ with Guerlain cosmetics, focusing on elongated, dark, smoky eyes, emboldened with layer upon layer of mascara, against a background of pale, flawless skin and pale lips to ensure the eyes really stand out.

Attracta used Guerlain Ombre Eclat Duo & Liner, £30.50 – two eyeshadows and a liner in L’Heure de Nuit with Eye Pencil, £13.50, in black.

The most work went into the line created on the upper lid, starting thin on the inner corner of the nose and quickly widening out so it takes up a third of the lid as it reaches the outer corners and thins back into a long spike stretching past the brows.

The lower lid is simply rimmed with soft pencil all the way along so it meets the upper line at both sides.

And there’s a soft wash of shimmery shadow on the rest of the upper lid and below the bottom lashes.

Attracta finished off with Guerlain 2 de Guerlain two-brush mascara, £24, and added Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact in Gardenia, £27, on the mouth to balance the powerful of the eyes.

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