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Make-up tips for great-looking mature skin

12 MARCH 2012

How many women are 40+ and gorgeous? The answer – loads!

Growing older doesn’t mean saying goodbye to looking great. Quite the opposite. You just need to make use of a few makeup tricks to maintain that youthful glow. Look at the likes of Helen Mirren, Madonna and Jane Fonda who continue to look spectacular.



The key:

- Be clever with your make-up. For mature skin, lines and wrinkles tend to be the biggest enemies. To help conceal them, bring out the best of your complexion. For a beaming, yet natural look, try following the practical tips.

- For a fresh-looking complexion, nothing beats a liquid foundation. Choose a tone which is the same as your skin or a touch lighter - darker colours can make you look older.

- Try to avoid too thick a foundation which, instead of masking lines, will actually accentuate them. This can also be a problem with Compact make up can be problematic too, which is made with a mixture of cream and powder. Powders should be loose and always transparent

- It’s important to blend lines in well, avoiding very sharp ones, choosing soft tones and staying away from black, which can be substituted with charcoal grey or chestnut brown Many cosmetic ranges have an anti-age base, ideal for mature skin

- Contrary to what many believe, facial sheen does not help mature skin appear younger, as reflected light accentuates shadows that show up wrinkles. Avoid this by applying a touch of loose powder before going out - even if you’re not getting made up that day - it will counteract any natural shine

- Stay away from loud eye-makeup, and focus on the cheeks. Blusher is essential. However, avoid using on the temples and eyelids as it gives away wrinkles around the eyes

- Eyebrow pencil is a great ally: define them well to capture the shape of your eyebrows Try applying mascara to upper lashes only, to open the eyes and give a fresh look.


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