Nails, hands and feet tip: Give your manicure a professional finish

by You know how professional manicures just look, well, that bit more professional than a DIY job? The key is to first buff nails for a super-smooth surface, then gently slide the nail varnish brush down the nail, stopping a millimetre or two short of the cuticle but mirroring its semi-circular shape. You have to be really careful to create a perfect line: slowly splay the brush outwards from the centre of the nail then quickly go over the sides with another stroke – Bourjois's polishes have good-quality brushes that do the job easily, as do those from Dior and Creative Nail Design. By not going right down to the cuticle, you get a much neater finish that also grows out perfectly – if you do go right down, polish sticks to the cuticle which creates a rough, raggedy outline as it grows out.

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