Dazzling teeth without the pain, price or time

by hellomagazine.com

The downsides of getting your teeth professionally whitened include time (treatments can take weeks), money (prices of professional teeth whitening can reach £800) and discomfort (patients with sensitive teeth often report pain).

But a new pain and peroxide-free treatment that costs £89 and takes less than an hour is now available.


Dr Giacomo Favero introduced the treatment to his London practice and he believes it will change the face of tooth whitening.

Using a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, peppermint oil and other activators – all natural ingredients – Dr Favero guarantees that patients will leave his clinic with a set of pearly whites.

What's more, tooth sensitivity isn't an issue. "With this treatment there is no pain, no sensitivity," he said.

"Every patient wants something fast, no pain, a good price and results guaranteed, and this product delivers on all those points.

"It's made of natural ingredients. Ones you find in toothpaste, so it's great for teeth."

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