The young actress will soon be embarking on an inter-galactic adventure. "I am absolutely thrilled," she enthused
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The legendary Tardis will help Billie and Christopher foil the Daleks' evil plans

25 MAY 2004

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Pop star-turned-actress Billie Piper will soon be touring the galaxies in one of Britain's most celebrated TV series, after agreeing to join Doctor Who on his latest adventures. The 22-year-old will star opposite Christopher Eccleston when the popular show returns to our screens later this year.

Billie will play the timelord's sidekick Rose, who helps him pilot the Tardis time machine and do battle with the evil Daleks. "Doctor Who is an iconic show and I am absolutely thrilled to be playing the part of Rose Tyler," said the actress after the news was announced.

Landing the part is something of a coup for the young thesp, who first tried her hand at acting just last year. Her performance in The Canterbury Tales was well-received by critics and she has since proved her mettle opposite Orlando Bloom in The Calcium Kid and Things To Do Before You're 30.

"It was a long, thorough search," said scriptwriter Russell T Davies. "Billie is absolutely perfect and very close to the description of Rose on the page. The companion is as pivotal to these adventures as the Doctor himself. Rose can be our eyes, discovering spaceships and alien creatures with awe and wonder, and a vital sense of humour."

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