Princess Mary of Denmark February 5 1972

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Your June Monthly Forecast: What are you hoping to find in this forecast? An insight into your future! But then, isn't that what you keep on looking for everywhere at the moment? Aren't you perpetually in search of a more reassuring understanding about some seemingly unnerving situation that could potentially get worse? Might it even be that it is your very nervousness that is contributing to an inability to turn things around? You would love to believe in a hopeful idea but what if it turns out that you are wrong? This month brings you your confidence back.
And, whilst Mercury is still retrograde, you can reflect, review and re-evaluate. A full birth-chart will help you do this and tell you what is really going on so you can enjoy a better future. Just for the rest of today there's a 20% discount off all charts. Download yours now. Offer ends TODAY

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