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Aries forecast for Wednesday August 26, 2015

Pay close attention today, to what you'd most like to ignore. Now I know that sounds like the kind of half-mystical, half-nonsensical advice that you are all too used to getting from your astrologer... but there's a real reason for me saying this. The rare Finger of Fate alignment involving Mars, Neptune and Pluto points strongly to a situation, in your life, becoming a source of great reward and delight. But it also implies that this may well be the very same situation that you currently feel least pleased about!

Right now there is a rare alignment between Mars, Neptune and Pluto. It is known as a Finger of Fate. Which way is the finger pointing for you? What's going to happen... and when? A Guide to the Future will help you find out. Get yours here (20% OFF until August 31)

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