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Cancer forecast for Thursday July 30, 2015

My local novelty shop sells 'joke lottery scratch cards'. Every single one of these is a winner. You can use them to trick your friends into thinking that you have hit the jackpot. For a moment, until they realise that it is a spoof, they will be amazed. They cost just as much as a lottery ticket. And, some might argue, while they don't produce much of a result, at least it is a reliable one so it might be seen as better value for money! But though a real lottery win remains unlikely, you won't have to fake good fortune today.

Now, your 'sun-sign' can only give you a tiny insight into what's happening in your life and what you are like but a full horoscope chart is like zooming in with a high resolution camera. You will be amazed by how accurate and revealing it can be. Download yours here.

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