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Weekly forecast

Your September Monthly Forecast: Do you have something to apologise for? Are you in danger of letting anyone down? I ask only because I see an apparent cause for concern looming on your heavenly horizon and I am keen to ensure that this does not dominate your month, resulting in a stultifying September. Begin as you must go on by refusing to be daunted by the double-headed demon of guilt and anxiety. Refuse it admission. Bar its way with levity and faith. Focus only on what's bright this month and all will yet turn out delightfully well for you.
This weekend there is a rare alignment between Mars, Neptune and Pluto. It is known as a Finger of Fate. Which way is the finger pointing for you? What's going to happen... and when? A Guide to the Future will help you find out. Get yours here! (20% OFF until August 31)

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