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2013 forecast

Despite those endless jokes we hear about Librans being inclined to sit on the fence, you're coming up on a time when you don't just get off the fence, you take it down, pack it up and sell it - using the proceeds to buy something far more useful!

You're starting to set targets, attain them and then grow even more ambitious. All this takes place against the backdrop of the seven historic alignments between Pluto and Uranus which form between 2012 and 2015. The one next May will oblige you to look closely at a factor that is not as stable or as consistent as you wish it could be. You have got to stop wishing so much and start thinking, instead, about what practical steps you can take. Somebody needs your help to find sanity in what seems like disorder and chaos. To help them, you've got to trust your own discrimination. The world is full of people saying, 'Believe in this. Follow that.' Already, you are inclined to think 'Actually, no. I've got a better set of codes to uphold and values to pursue.'

As you trust your own understanding, showing leadership and strength, so an important relationship that has an unstable element within it strengthens and becomes more rewarding. Your own relationship to the wider world becomes more rewarding and fulfilling, too.

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