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Victoria Beckham 17 April 1974

2013 forecast

A series of intense alignments between Pluto and Uranus is now causing the world to wake up and start thinking, 'Isn't it time we changed?' Even if you're not yet in the vanguard of this movement, you will find yourself there as the year passes. 2013, for you, is all about recognising just what kind of a difference you can make, seeing how important you are and observing how, for all that your situation may have its drawbacks, you are deeply blessed.

As part of your own process of moving on, you are having to ask yourself how many of your biggest choices and decisions in life so far have been made on the basis of a fear? What might have happened if you hadn't let fear lead you? What has stopped you from being as creative, inspired, successful and as happy as you have deserved to be? Even though you are naturally dynamic and assertive, you are not entirely immune to the desire to play it safe. For you, the year of 2013 is about overcoming the uncertainties and doubts that render you vulnerable to such compromises! This is the year you get to replace these with certainties and allow yourself to become more of the person you always knew you could be. This year, calculated risks leads to substantial rewards. For your in-depth personal Guide To The Future, based on your exact date of birth and covering the whole of 2013, go to