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Angelina Jolie 04 June 1975

2014 forecast

This is a special year. You should feel excited. A lot can soon become very different. Those changes commence with a re-evaluation of where you belong and where you could make a positive contribution. You can't keep maintaining an act, a role or a facade because something inside you feels obliged. You have alternatives. You've got to identify them and take advantage of them. 2014 will show you those opportunities. It is as if, for much of the recent past, you have been wandering along a corridor lined with doors. Each time you try to open one, you find that behind it, there is nothing but a brick wall. You've almost lost interest in trying any more handles. Yet if you do start to look behind the doors of 2014, you'll see they really are portals to wonderful new realms. This is not a promise that the whole year will be a rip-roaring success. But the downs, as well as the ups, will all play their part in promoting a positive process. This year it becomes clear, not only what you do want but what you don't want. Through understanding this you can extricate yourself from all that's redundant and commit to all that matters.