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Leo forecast for Monday May 18, 2015

Do we ever lay our demons completely to rest? Can we entirely exorcise our ghosts? Those who treat addiction say that it is never safe to use the world 'cured' and always best to speak of being 'in recovery'. Now, I'm not saying any of this to alarm you, more to reassure you. The New Moon speaks of a return encounter with some part of your past that you had rather hoped you had left behind. Don't see this as a problem, more as an opportunity to prove to yourself and the world, this week, just how far you really have now moved on.

Now, when the moon is new, the hidden aspects of your character can reveal themselves. What are you your greatest wishes and fears? How can you ensure a future you desire? The answers to all these questions and many more, will be revealed to you in a full horoscope birth-chart. And this new moon, there's a huge 25% discount off all charts. Hurry, whilst the moon is dark, let its magic work for you. Instantly download your discounted chart now!

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