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Jennifer Lopez July 24 1969

Leo forecast for Monday March 23, 2015

Why do we have problems? So we can revel in the joy of solutions when we find them. What a question. You might as well ask, 'why do we have night?' Oh, I see, you weren't asking this. Well, what were you asking? I got the distinct impression that you wanted to know something. Perhaps your question was, 'why do we consult astrologers?' But that is easy, isn't it? 'So we can bask in the comfort of cosmic reassurance.' Happily, I can give you what you want. The coming week will confirm my positive prognosis.

Last week was an extraordinary week: a Solar Eclipse, a powerful 'Supermoon', the final Pluto/Uranus Square and the Equinox! If you want to find out how you can rise to the cosmic challenges, embrace the changes and make your life extraordinary, you really need to know what's happening in your full personal horoscope. There's still 20% off the usual price. Download yours here. (OFFER ENDS TODAY)

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