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Jennifer Lawrence August 15 1990

Leo forecast for Thursday May 28, 2015

'Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...' So goes the old blues lament. It's true. Nobody knows or wants to know! Some may take pleasure in reading those tear-jerking autobiographies that list in painful detail the agony of a dysfunctional childhood or the stress that ensued from an abusive relationship, but most of us really don't want to be told about this kind of thing, face to face. We want to hear happy news. We want to hear tales of inspiration and celebration. Happily I predict, that this is just what you will soon have to talk about.

Mercury is retrograde. This is the perfect time for reflection, review and re-evaluation. Time to rethink where you're going or even who you are. Claim your birthright and order a Personal Horoscope chart. For three days only, it is available at a 20% discount (offer ends Saturday)

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