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Jennifer Lawrence 15 August 1990

2014 forecast

The year is going to get ever better. But, it starts at a bit of a low ebb - and sometimes, when you feel as if you are quite a long way down, a small amount of upward motion doesn't seem enough. It can be hard to see how much better things are getting until they suddenly get a whole lot better. But over the year, gradually, you'll stop looking at what's wrong with some aspects of your world and how daft various arrangements have become. You will begin instead to say, 'Hey, this has the potential to be so right.' And from the recognition of that potential comes the fulfilment. So, the further we go into 2014, the happier we see you becoming. Does 'happier' directly equate to more materially prosperous? More emotionally secure? Well there's no law that says these things are welded together any more than they must be mutually exclusive. You can generally expect progress in every area, alongside a sense of great healing, recovery and improvement. You can also expect support recognition and respect. But, most of all, 2014 can bring the optimism to strengthen your appreciation for your own relationship with the cosmos. And from that, all else you need can come!