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Libra forecast for Tuesday August 28, 2015

Many Britons of a certain age remember the 1966 World Cup where, in the final moments, England gained a surprise advantage. The words of the commentator, Kenneth Wolstenholme, still echo down the halls of history, 'they think it's all over... it is now.' They may yet prove to have particular resonance for you this weekend. You have long sought closure and completion in a peculiarly prolonged process. It may seem to you as if it is ending in an unsatisfactory fashion but there is still time for a last-minute twist.

This weekend there is a rare alignment between Mars, Neptune and Pluto. It is known as a Finger of Fate. Which way is the finger pointing for you? What's going to happen... and when? A Guide to the Future will help you find out. Get yours here! (20% OFF until August 31)

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